Samsung swim-tracking Gear Fit 2 Pro

Accompanying the new Gear Sport smartwatch, Samsung is introducing a new fitness band, in the shape of the Gear Fit2 Pro, that shares the same highlight feature of being able to track swimming. In terms of appearance and basic specs, this is no great departure from the Gear Fit2 that the Pro is replacing, but the big deal is that Samsung has upgraded the waterproofing to a depth of 50 meters and it’s also added a continuous heart rate tracker that will keep a constant watchful eye on your life signals. Another IFA 2017 debutant from Samsung’s wearables division is the Gear IconX 2018 edition: a massive upgrade over the 2016 wireless earbuds that could only muster 1.5 hours of wireless music streaming. The new IconX buds can last up to 5 hours streaming, or 7 hours when playing directly from their onboard storage.

Priced at $199 and set for retail availability on September 15th, the Gear Fit2 Pro is quite an appealing little watch replacement for exercise-tracking enthusiasts. Its elongated and curved AMOLED screen has really nice contrast, and Samsung is making the most of it with some truly appealing watch faces that highlight steps, elevation, and calorie consumption measured during the day. I’m still highly dubious about any device that claims to accurately measure calories, and when I challenged Samsung to specify how accurate it thinks its wearables are, the company said it had nothing available to publish. But hey, if you just need a metric for identifying the differences in intensity and duration of your exercise each day, it will probably suffice.

Android 8.0 Oreo is now rolling out

Android 8.0 Oreo the final version that was made official a few days back, has started rolling out to Pixel and Nexus devices enrolled in the Android Beta program. Yesterday, Verizon started rolling out the same build of Oreo to Pixel and Pixel XL units it's sold.

In the meantime, the Oreo update has been spotted arriving on many more carriers across the world, for supported Pixel and Nexus devices - which are the Pixel and Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, and Nexus Player. So at this point the rollout is pretty much hitting every device that Google's in charge of, software-wise.

The company has also posted the usual factory images and OTA zip files for anyone to download (check out the Source links below). You can install the OTA zip if you're tired of waiting to receive the update through an actual over-the-air rollout. Though if you own a supported device and haven't yet seen a notification regarding the new software, it's best to first try and manually check by going to the relevant Settings menu.

The build number is OPR6.170623.011 for Pixels and Pixel XLs on Bell, Telus, Telstra, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular, and Rogers/Fido, and OPR6.170623.012 for every other carrier. The Nexus 6P gets the build ending in 013, but Google notes this is not for T-Mobile, US Cellular, or Fi - but hasn't yet provided an alternative download. The Nexus 5X's build is 013 also, while the Pixel C gets 010 and the Nexus Player gets nothing at this point - hopefully it won't be too long before the console sees its update too.