Linux mouse? (and keyboard! -updated)

So I've been using GNU/Linux OS on my laptop and desktop exclusively for the past 5-6 years, and as most Linux users know, they were/are from time to time some compatibility issues, whether we talk about software of hardware, which are more in some cases resolved.

In this article, I'll centre my attention on Linux compatible mice.
I'm one of those guys who just can't stand working with the touchpad and prefer using an actual mouse.

So you might say, are there mice that are not compatible with my Linux OS? And which ones are?

I never had a problem so far until recently when my mouse broke, and I had to replace it.
I guess I was lucky with my first mouse (Logitech M305), because it worked instantly, plug&play, no installation required, no extra drivers, nothing. Plus a nice, small, design mouse.

Logitech M305

After that broke down, I went to a cheap option, a Speedlink Kappa wireless mouse.
Compatible as well, plug and play instantly. But the generic feel was a bit whoosy. The material was cheaper, the index movement a bit fuzzy, and overall, you get what you pay for. Still fully working though.

Speedlink Kappa

So I decided to go towards a "branded" mouse, that would ensure better quality and feel.

I went and bought a Microsoft Notebook Bluetooth 5000 mouse (yes I know, I went for Microsoft). 
I'm plugging it in and problems began. There I realised that mouse compatibility issues with GNU/Linux systems do exist! And surprise surprise, with a Microsoft mouse, what else?

Microsoft Notebook 5000

The mouse was beautiful, nice shape, futuristic, but it would just not work!
I had bluetooth connection issues at first. (like, bluetooth connection? really?)
Meaning it would not connect, after numerous times. Then, after restarting the computer, the mouse was not traceable, even though all my settings (manual settings too) were saying otherwise. 
I had to manually "sync" them every time. 
Then the connection was lost out of the blue, forcing me to use my old speedlink mouse.
Other users in the web had similar issues with this particular hardware.
Microsoft really is a pain with gnu/linux even in hardware I figured! aaargh

On top of that, the scroll button every time I used it, it would double click on items, bringing my nerves in a higher lever. I managed to fix that, by manually mapping each mouse button (which was a bit of a pain).

Long story short, I went and bought again another Logitech M325 and my problems were solved! (needless to say my microsoft mouse was not refundable because of the stupid "the box is open" excuse of my local store, so I'm selling it if anyone is interested!)

My Logitech M325

So I discover that the majority of Logitech mice are compatible with GNU/Linux systems, and through their website, you can narrow down the compatible ones by clicking the right option! 

I would suggest then buying a Logitech mouse for your computer, or a Speedlink, since both brands are tested (by me at least) and fully working.

There is of course the Ubuntu branded mouse that you can buy through the canonical store, which comes with a cable, and has a noticable design.

A new addition to my input hardware was the recent purchase of a Logitech K230 keyboard. Yes, it seems that logitech products are really working for me, as far as compatibility, functionality and design for my ubuntu OS.
This keyboard is really affordable, compact, wireless, and with a splash of colour (blue, purple, white) for you to choose depending on your mood.
All keys work perfectly with my ubuntu from the first moment I plugged it in. The "windows logo" button directly opens the dash (you can put another sticker on top, if it really bugs you), the FN key works just fine (for volume control, media etc), the keys don't make a noise when pressed. 
The overall experience is really satisfying. Totally recommended.


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