Inner strength for studying

So many people out there are studying for various reasons at some point of their lives. High school students, college, university studies, diplomas, work related certifications etc etc.
Many times we feel that we had enough, that we don't need to go through that pressure for a piece of paper. Often we are tempted with the idea to give up!

It happened to me recently. After finishing university and working for a few years, I decided to start studying for an online master degree. At first I was all excited, since this was an online programme, I would get the opportunity to split my schedule between work and free time and make it through.

But what happens at those moments of frustration when you come back from work and you have to study and deliver complex papers? Where do you find the strength to say "No!" to the tv-remote, or to your friends invitation out, just to stay in and finish what you started?

Well, it's not easy! However here are some tricks or mind "games" if you prefer, that I discover through this course.

1. Patience. Just convince your self that you will sacrifice 2-3 hours, but after that you are completely free to do whatever you want!

2.Think competitively. If John, Mary or Mr. X manage to do it, why can't I? Are they more intelligent than me? No. Boost your confidence. So many people managed to go through it, therefore you can too!

3. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Every time you deliver a paper, pass a studying milestone etc, you should seek the bright side to it. Just think that you are one step closer, that the next assignments will be easier since you already accomplished the previous. 

4. Change your studying environment. If your usual studying place is distructing you, then find a new one. Don't study in your bedroom, especially if that room only corresponds to sleep in your mind. Avoid the living room, especially if it reminds you of film nights with pop-corn and drinks. Find a local coffee shop, which is not too loud or dead quiet, get yourself in a rather cornered spot, and just listen to the little sounds surrounding you and get working! It actually works.

5. Drink and music. Prepare a nice cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate, put some light music on (online themed playlists are great), and start. Having nice sounds in the background makes your brain more active, especially if the sounds are classical music, etherial music, nature sounds. 

6. Power thinking. Take a moment and think what you have accomplished so far in your life. Hopefully that will give you more power to continue. Like, you learned how to drive a car, how to be good at a sport, made a family, went through sorrow family moments, survived illness, bought a nice house etc, whatever refers to you as success. That means, avoid thinking life disappointments.

At the end, we should count on our own strengths to make it. Try to find other ways as well that maybe gets you in the right mood to study.

So now back to work! :)


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