Microsoft's Open Technologies Inc - Red Hat's answer

Summary: Red Hat today releases an official statement on the recent announcement of Microsoft’s Open Technologies Inc. The company was cautiously optimistic but alluded to the fact that Microsoft was once opposed to openness

Linux leader Red Hat today applauded Microsoft’s recent launch of an open technologies subsidiary but is clearly taking a wait and see attitude.

Naturally. In the past, Microsoft described Linux and open source as a “cancer” on the software industry. Red Hat pointed out that the path to openness was not without opposition. With that it mind, Red Hat today penned a cautiously optimistic response to the news.

Here it is, verbatim:

“Naturally Red Hat took interest in the announcement last week of a “wholly owned subsidiary known as Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., to advance the company’s investment in openness – including interoperability, open standards and open source.” Our reaction?

1. Customers and developers are potentially the winners in what could (should!) be a more open world.
Open source and open standards give customers and developers freedom. Interoperability makes more possible. Our hope is that this formal announcement signals the commitment of Microsoft to engage with open source communities in a way that will ultimately provide choice in the marketplace. An open world is a better world.

2. A rising tide lifts all ships.
The power of open source is undeniable. As we look toward the 10th anniversary of Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the market, we are able to reflect on how we got here. It was not without opposition. But we now see the world’s leading technology providers investing in open source as a strategic way to innovate. Some of the new entrants are surprising, but open source collaboration works when many are participating in earnest.

3. We are here to help.
Making a dramatic commitment to open source and open standards is not trivial. It’s not an occasional announcement or participation in a consortium. Making a true commitment to being open becomes part of a culture and is a radical shift. For years Red Hat has helped partners and customers navigate what it means to be open and how to make a full commitment. We truly believe that open source and open standards are foundational elements in how technologies, such as cloud computing, will be developed and deployed. We believe in open source and extend a hand as an old hand in this movement to support those with similar dedication.

Concept phones 2012

Here's a whole new patch of some amazing concept phones that we would only hope to be real at some point. But you never know, maybe in a few years, some of them will be around us :)

Click on the link to get all 21 of them:


Which one would you prefer? Let's get some comments people !


Kubuntu to be Sponsored by Blue Systems

Kubuntu will have a new sponsor in Blue Systems from the 12.10 cycle starting in May. Kubuntu is a community led project to create a KDE flavour as part of Ubuntu. The sponsor since it started has been Canonical who are now moving to focus on their Unity flavour.

Blue Systems sponsors a number of KDE projects and will encourage Kubuntu to follow the same successful formula as it has always had - community led, KDE focused, Ubuntu flavour. Kubuntu rollouts include the world's largest Linux desktop in Brazil. Kubuntu is one of the most successful communities within the Ubuntu project, home to a number of flavours. With the new Kubuntu Active flavour forthcoming as the first Ubuntu flavour designed for tablets there are many exciting possibilities for the project.

With this new sponsorship the project will have the independence of having new wings and take the excellent KDE Software to new audiences.